Imagine reading tarot like a pro...

When it comes to tarot, there's nothing quite as confidence-building as being able to trust your intuition. It is a card reader's dream.

My name is Catherine Louise, and I'm a Chicago expat living in Sydney, Australia, creator of Witchy Tarot Printables.

Tarot cards can feel pretty overwhelming for the new tarot reader. Between each of the 78 cards having their own distinct meaning and each meaning varying depending on where it sits in the readings as well as other cards are around it, it can sometimes seem impossible to relax and sense what the cards are trying to tell you.

Sometimes, all we need is a quick cheat sheet and tracker to improve our skills. Having quick, gentle reminders can assist us in connecting beyond the deck and with our inner guidance - to reveal messages coming from the Universe.

Witchy Tarot Printables create so much more than just simple printables. The printables are confidence building, intuition harnessing, easy & fun tools that will assist you with your card readings.

So shuffle your deck, have your printables handy, and allow the practice of divination through tarot reading to lead you to some of your best readings yet.

I hope that my useful and super-cute printables inspire you to do more readings, to create the life you want, and to read tarot like a pro.